Patient Check-in Kiosks

A patient check-in kiosk is a self-service solution used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Patient check-in kiosks are used to automate the check-in process, increasing efficiency, and reducing staff workload. These kiosks allow patients the ability to check themselves in for appointments, update their personal and insurance information, and sign consent forms all without the need for assistance from front desk staff.


These kiosks typically feature a touch screen interface and are placed in specific locations, such as a clinic entrance, to maximize their effectiveness. Each solution can be programmed to perform a variety of functions, such as verifying patient identity, printing wristbands, and providing wayfinding instructions to guide patients to their appointment location.


Patient check-in kiosks are designed to improve the patient experience by reducing wait times, increasing privacy, and minimizing errors in data entry. They also free up the front desk staff to focus on other tasks, such as answering patient questions, handling more complex administrative duties, and offering the human element necessary for quality care.

Uses of Patient Check-in Kiosks

Patient check-in kiosks have a variety of uses in healthcare industry, such as patient registration and insurance verification. Patients can easily input their information confidentially into the kiosk updating any information such as change of insurance coverages, contact information, or even medical history as soon as they walk in the door.


Patient check-in kiosks also allow patients the ability for contactless appointment check-in. Patients can even schedule their next appointment, or reschedule, right in the waiting room adding extra convenience for patients and staff.


Additionally, patient check-in kiosks allow a designated area for patients to sign consent forms and read HIPAA privacy notices or liability waivers as well as fill out health assessment forms or patient satisfaction surveys increasing the level of patient engagement and satisfaction.

Meridian’s solutions have the ability to incorporate existing software into upgrade hardware, or have the ability to include completely new software developed by our Mzero software platform.


Overall, patient check-in kiosks provide a convenient and efficient way for patients to manage their healthcare needs, while also streamlining administrative tasks for healthcare providers. Giving patients this level of control in their healthcare journey increases patient satisfaction by using the normal amount of waiting time, making it feel shorter and more manageable. Additionally, patient check-in kiosks allow for the automation of administrative tasks and provide a much-needed labor-saving solution to front desk staff.

Benefits of Patient Check-in Kiosks

There are several benefits to using patient check-in kiosks in healthcare settings:


Increased efficiency

Patient check-in kiosks can help reduce wait times by automating the check-in process and freeing up front desk staff to maximize efficiency.


Improved accuracy

These patient check-in kiosks can help ensure accurate data entry by prompting patients to input their own information directly, rather than relying on having to enter hand written or verbal information second hand, reducing errors in patient records and insurance claims.


Enhanced privacy

Patients can use the kiosks to check-in and update their personal and medical information in a private setting. Which can improve confidentiality and reduce the risk of private information being overheard or shared in a crowded waiting room.


Reduced costs

By automating administrative tasks, kiosks can help reduce the amount of labor associated with front desk staff, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks while reducing the cost of traditional paper forms and printing supplies.


Improved patient satisfaction

Patients appreciate the convenience and ease of use that the patient check-in kiosks provide. Which can improve their overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience.


Better patient engagement

Patient check-in kiosks can be used to display educational materials, collect patient feedback, or provide real-time information about wait times or appointment delays, which can help keep patients engaged and informed.

Overall, patient check-in kiosks offer a number of benefits to healthcare providers and patients alike. By improving efficiency, privacy, and patient satisfaction Meridian’s patient check-in kiosks are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Why Meridian?

Since 1999 Meridian has been a major player in the self-service industry, designing and creating solutions for a variety of locations and uses. Specifically designed for the end user in mind, Meridian’s experience and proven products have been game changers in the healthcare industries. Providing excellent patient check-in solutions have been part of our ongoing mission to provide top quality self-service solutions designed with the end user in mind. Meridian’s strength comes from our ability to understand how the unit will function in the space and how it will interact with people both directly and indirectly. Unlike other kiosk providers, Meridian specializes in custom solutions meaning that every solution provided has been painstakingly designed, and redesigned, to maximize effectiveness. Providing total solutions from the pixel quality of the display screens to the focus on accessibility for your maintenance staff, patient check-in kiosks are designed to fit seamlessly into your clinic or hospital and work with your staff not against them. These patient check-in kiosks are designed to offer an efficient and convenient way of streamlining the check-in process while offering patients increased satisfaction.


Meridian’s unique in-house approach means that each stage of design and production is done to fit the solution to the customer’s needs rather than trying to fit the customer’s needs around an existing machine. Meridian is able to assist customers through the entire process of determining which type of solution is right for their individual needs. Highly trained teams work directly with customers to identify the target audience for the customer and develop an engaging message and tailor specific content to that audience. Additionally, Meridian’s talented representatives help customers choose the right hardware for their space, from constraints in floor space to matching existing aesthetics.


Meridian’s sleek and modern design of the patient check-in kiosks sends the message that your clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office is part of the cutting edge of innovation and patient satisfaction. Get started here, or talk to a representative by email or give us a call at 866-454-6757.