Technology has drastically changed the landscape of the automotive industry, from advancements in safety features to overall design improvements however an often-overlooked aspect is how technology is impacting the customer experience and interactions at dealerships and service centers.  Meridian has a deep understanding of automotive retail and customer experience. We have been building OEM integrated Automotive Solutions and other car dealership kiosk for nearly a decade.  Our depth of Self-Service knowledge allows us to improve and enhance the automotive customer experience by providing end-to-end fully integrated solutions comprised of software, hardware, and analytics. We strive to accommodate most back-end systems and provide solutions that are being used at dealerships today.


This labor-saving solution streamlines the process for customer check-in, service selection, and unattended payments all without having to increase staff or operating hours. Users simply sign into the machine and select their personalized services before dropping their keys off at the unit. An automatic email is sent to the service department with all the user’s name and information indicating exactly what needs to be done to their vehicle. Then when the service department is finished, they simply load the keys into the dispensing drawer and an automatic text notification is sent to the customer for pick up.



Meridian’s Virtual Service Lane (VSL) is a progressive technology for the service lane that provides a straightforward DMS-connected self-service customer check-in solution. The solution also includes phone numbers and email capture, with update capabilities.  Additionally, Meridian’s VSL offers real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.

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This innovative design provides a streamlined vehicle check-in and pick-up process at any dealership or service center. The Automotive Smart Locker can also be used to take unattended payments and send automatic notifications to customers.  Designed for faced paced dealerships the Automotive Smart Locker allows for convenient and innovative vehicle pickup. No more messy envelopes or digging through a cluttered box of keys while your customer waits impatiently.  Now you can simply direct them to the sleek and modern locker for them to complete payment options and pick up their keys.

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Digital Signage


Designed to provide a streamlined check-in process at any dealership or service center. Meridian’s suite of Self-Service Solutions allows for Check-in, Indoor and Outdoor, Key drop off and return. Patented Outdoor 24/7 Night Drop + Key Return with payment allows customers to securely drop off and pick up their vehicle keys 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Increase marketing/digital opportunities

The sleek and modern designs offer a high-tech yet personalized experience to customers while providing additional opportunities for digital advertising. Increase your marketing and advertising revenue with strategic ad placements available on our digital signage available on all our Automotive Solutions. Show your customers the personalized experience they have come to expect from high end dealerships. 


Ties into backend dealer systems

Meridian’s Automotive Solutions offer real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.


Extend service hours without overextending staff

No more wasted time with telephone tag or guessing games, now you can show your customers that their convenience is the top priority with Meridian’s Automotive Solutions. Staff can now focus their time on providing the human element of business rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks, especially during busy hours.


Research shows that today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology in all other retail verticals. Our solutions, like our car dealership kiosks, bring the desired self-service technology to the automotive industry. These solutions are now available direct from Meridian to your dealership.


Meridian’s solutions are designed to:

  • Streamline the check-in process
  • Increase CSI
  • Promote upsells
  • Provide trade appraisals
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
Increase Customer Engagement

Meridian’s automotive solutions increase customer engagement by allowing customers to find what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. Self-empowerment for your customers gives them back the most precious resource of all, time.

Decrease Transaction Time

Automotive kiosk solutions decrease transaction times by streamlining the entire process for dealerships and customers. in most cases, the entire transaction can be completed in under 2 minutes.

Create Transparency

Automotive car kiosks create transparency throughout the customer interaction process by providing access to all required information for customers and dealerships.


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Silko Honda, located in Raynham, Massachusetts, installed a GoMoto car kiosk in January of 2019. Less than six months later, they saw a CSI score improvement of over three points compared to the same time the previous year. After implementing GoMoto’s Virtual Service advisor, Silko Honda also saw an immediate improvement in check-in speed and a reduced number of large backups, especially during the morning hours.

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Ancira Auto Group, located in San Antonio, Texas, installed a GoMoto kiosk in their Volkswagen dealership in January of 2019. In less than six months, their upsell rates tripled to 73%, with an average direct uplift per RO of $80 from upsells. Since implementing the Virtual Service Advisor, the dealership has also been able to reduce its check-in time from about 9 minutes to an average of 2:23 per customer.