Ticket Solutions

Streamline the ticketing process while freeing up staff and increasing customer satisfaction. Meridian’s Ticket Solutions are designed to allow users a contactless way to place orders, make payments, and print their tickets all in one convenient location.


Outdated paper-based ticketing systems slow down operations both at the front gate and inside the park. Revolutionize the ticketing process and help guests get into the park sooner.  Allow visitors to make unattended transactions, scan codes, and print tickets or wristbands directly at the kiosk.  No more waiting in long lines at ticket windows. Now visitors can spend less time at the front gate and more time in the park.


Success Story- Omaha Zoo

Ticket Solutions at the Omaha Zoo in Omaha, NE

Labor Saving Solution:

Free up staff by automating the time-consuming ticketing process, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Increased Revenue:

Offer additional purchase options such as fast-passes, dining packages, or loyalty programs in real time.

Branding & Marketing:

Show your commitment to innovation and technology to enhance the user experience and brand awareness.

Streamline Operations

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Fast Entry:

Ticket Solutions help reduce long lines and frustrating wait times by allowing faster entry into the park, increasing satisfaction right from the beginning with most guests and visitors.

Improved Efficiency:

Ticket Solutions help to reduce bottlenecks both at the front entrance of parks as well as at other problematic places inside the park such as rides with long wait times or crowded dinning spots. Improve customer satisfaction with quick and efficient payment methods that work around the clock.

Cashless Payments:

Cashless options offer increased convenience to guests as well as additional revenue streams for the park.

Multiple Languages:

Offer multiple language options at each of the ticketing kiosks with a simple push of a button.

ADA Compliant:

Our kiosks are designed to accommodate hearing and visual impairments, as well as other disabilities.